Barbara Haack

August 1954
October 2022


This tribute is to my grandma who donated her body to Science Care. She was one of the most amazing people who always had a smile on her face and a huge heart. She was also definitely very opinionated and vocal. She loved music and always loved to dance. She was very family orientated; she absolutely loved to go to family reunions and reconnect with family or go on walks with her sisters to support good causes. She was very active in the Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. She would take her grandkids and great grandkids out for adventures all the time. We did everything from going to the mountains and sledding to watching Disney on Ice, to concerts, and going to see the lights in the neighborhood or at the speedway around Christmas time. She was a kind soul who loved adventure and will be incredibly missed. A part of her will always live on in each and everyone of us. We asked her about doing a science donation as she wanted to be home when she passed but also wanted to donate what she could. She was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma at the end of August/beginning of September. By the time we got the referrals and appointments set up, unfortunately she was no longer a candidate for treatment. We learned about Science Care and she was interested in donating her organs, especially her brain so she could help the medical community learn more about her tumor and hopefully one day save someone else’s grandma/sister/mom/niece/cousin/aunt from suffering the same fate that she did. I am leaving this tribute but it does not do the person she is justice. She was amazing and if you ever got the chance to meet her you would understand just how amazing she was. I know she is up there celebrating with her random dancing and singing of country songs with her previous family that has passed. Until we meet again grammie, we love you more than we can put into words. <3

Friends & Family

She is survived by her husband, William Haack, daughter, Cheryl, her maternal Aunt Velma, grandkids: Danelle, Connor, Vincent, great grandkids: Taylor, Wesley, Noa-Grace, and her siblings: Jo, Patsy, Debra, and James.

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