Barbara Wiggins

February 1955
September 2023


My Mother Barbara Wiggins was a kind and loving woman. I could not have asked for a better person to be my mom. She helped guide and shape me into the person I am. She always put others before herself and had a love for animals of all sizes be it dogs, cats, horses, or birds. She was strong and carried on no matter the circumstance and always provided for myself and our family. She is greatly missed. I love and miss you

Friends & Family

Tiffani Barner, Miguel Fernandez, Irma Almengual, Lesia Millete, Scott Rosario, Amy Diaz, John Diaz, Paul Autry, Ina Autry, John Autry, June Durran, Paul Tabio, Carlos Saroza, Evelyn Echevarria, Ca;eb Diaz

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