Barry Rhoads

February 1953
February 2022


Barry was born and raised in Columbia. He graduated from Hempfield High School but his heart was always with Columbia. He leaves behind his ever-loving wife Sheila and he was blessed and extremely proud of his two daughters. In addition he adored his three grandchildren, four step-grandchildren, and great-grandson. Barry always provided for his family and throughout his life he wore many hats including, being a real estate agent for over 30 years, a property inspector, a coach, and a house rehabber. Along with his passion for playing golf, Barry loved spending time with his family, usually over a bushel of crabs; and vacationing with his close friends and traveling to the shore or mountains. He will always be loved and remembered by those he left behind.

Friends & Family

Wife, Sheila Rhoads Daughters: Kristi Prime, Kimberly Clark Brothers and their families: Douglas Rhoads, Scott Rhoads

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