Beatrice Jennings

October 1953
November 2022


Beatrice Juanita Jennings was born to Osovale and Juanita on October 9, 1953. She passed away peacefully at the age of 69, having devoted her life to Jehovah, her five children, and to helping others. She was quiet and shy, except when it came to praising God and sharing her faith. She always put others ahead of herself, giving even when she had very little. In her last days when she needed help with everything herself, she continued to be concerned for the health and well-being of everyone else, praying that those who once depended on her, were now being helped by others. She loved life and everything beautiful in it. She was loved and will forever be sorely missed. Message to our mom: l remember how you were always there. Walking with me, talking with me, all the movies we would see. Each and every day, you found time for you and me. You did so much for me, willing to go to any means. I became a vegetarian, and you simply learned all new recipes. Sometimes I would lose my mind, not knowing the time, still you were always there. You were my clock, open arms taking me back, letting me know you'd forever care. You were my best friend, so when you moved, I was down. I couldn't call you enough because I missed having you around. Even when I didn't have words to say, your voice was the hug that would make my day. Without you here it's hard to see. I just don't know how to be. I love you mom and I miss you more than I can explain. My only solace is that now you're free from pain. Wherever life takes me, I hope when it ends, once again we'll be together to walk along as friends.

Friends & Family

Five children: Catrece, Carlene, Christopher, Carl Jr., and David. Ten grandchildren: Destiny, Adonis, Faith, Naiyla, Nevaeh, Carl III, Corey, Michael, Roman, and Sophia-Loren. Siblings: Gwendolyn, Denise, Ira Jr. Aunt Addie, nephews Ronald Jr. and Joshua, niece Jocelyn, many cousins, and friends.

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