Bernadette Jenkins

January 1938
November 2022


Bernadette was born January 20, 1938, the oldest of 4 siblings, and died November 28, 2022, surrounded by loved ones. Bernadette was a mother to two children, grandmother to five, great-grandmother to five, and aunt to many nieces and nephews. Bernadette was sharp as a whip until her passing and often told it how it was. She was funny and quick-witted. She was always a caretaker to her family and those around her and was “the baby whisperer”. She somehow always had the answers to everything. She was loving, caring, and very much loved. She knew for many years that she wanted to donate her body to science to teach young doctors and further medical research for the future. Bernadette is greatly missed by those that love her but her family is honored to have been able to fulfill her wishes with Science Care. Bernadette is preceded in death by her mother (Lillian), father (Stanley), brother (Earl), and many other loved ones after a long and wonderful life. She is survived by her children Cindy and Brad (Claudia), grandchildren Ali (Erick), Lauren (Nick), and Brad Jr., and great-grandchildren Anthony, Daniel, Quinn, Serenity, Nick Jr., and her sisters Rita (Ron) and Norena. Every day our beloved Nana is greatly missed.

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