Betty Campbell

December 1957
December 2023


Betty J Campbell was a loving mother to her only daughter Vicki J Whaley. And very well loved by her grandchildren Amara R. Lawton, D’Angelo M. Lawton, Jasmine C. Columbus, and King C. Whaley. Betty was a great friend and sweet lady she will be deeply missed by those she kept close contact with. She was also a lover of nature and a wonderful fur mother to her (now passed) cat Madeline. Betty lived a quiet life in Bucks County Pennsylvania majority of her life before moving to San Antonio Texas over the summer of 2023 to be close to her grandchildren. As she would say: “Our time on earth is just one aspect of the soul's journey of growth and transformation through time”. I posted a photo of us together because it is my favorite of her ❤️ My mother will be truly missed and always loved. 🕯️

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