Beverly Barfield

December 1953
January 2023


Beverly K. Steck Barfield was born in Bryan, TX. She grew up on a farm some 20 miles south of there and learned how to work and contribute to her family. She was an avid piano player and was also in the local High School Band. She received her B.A. from Texas A & M University and married Carl S. Barfield in 1976. They moved to Gainesville, FL where he was a professor and she was an accountant. She raised two boys and was a major contributor to community volunteer organizations. Beverly was a kind, caring woman who nurtured a family and played a role in her community, especially in the local Haven Hospice Attic where her skill at wreath-making delivered significant funds to the organization. She was a loving wife and mother. She cared and that is significant. Our hearts are broken at her absence, but we smile having had the privilege of knowing her and being a part of her significant life. She made a positive difference to everyone she met and everything she did.

Friends & Family

Carl S. Barfield, Husband for over 47 years; Christopher Barfield, Son; Jonathan Barfield, Son; Alan Steck, Brother; Ryan Barfield, Grandson; Cora Barfield, Granddaughter

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