Beverly Riley

June 1938
November 2022


My cousin, Beverly Riley, was a constant in my life from the time I was 3 years old. In 1959, my family moved back to my mother's hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY, and from that point forward, Beverly was at our home almost daily. She adored my Mom and Dad, and she loved being a part of our family. She was always good for a smile, a laugh, and she brought fun to everywhere she went. She loved to play cards and board games with us, and we'd often wind up dissolved into laughter over and over again. Whenever Bevie was a part of your day, it was a good one. She brought an ease to any room or occasion with her humor, her laugh, and her beautiful smile. Bevie was one of the smartest women I ever knew. Bright and imaginative, she invented time-saving tools for just about any household task you could think of -- and she did it long before Martha Stewart or YouTube videos. She was an amazingly awesome cook, and created many recipes on her own. Anything that came out of her kitchen was exceptional -- and you always knew you were in for a treat. She adored football, and looked forward to the fall playing season much like a child welcomed Christmas, and she knew the game like a pro. Beverly was kind and thoughtful, and she was famous for sending quirky, funny gifts at holiday time to bring a smile, a laugh, and to let you know you were loved. Fiercely independent, she started working as a secretary when she was 18 or 19 years old at a local firm in Poughkeepsie. I remember her stopping by our house on her way home from work looking stylish and professional with tapered skirts and high heels. She was the quintessential working girl of the day, and I was in awe. She was smart, organized, and efficient. She could trouble-shoot easily and without fuss, and she was well-loved and respected by her employer. When she married, she and her husband moved down towards New York City, and then went to Kentucky. They were there for a few years before deciding to relocate to Florida. They eventually went their separate ways, but Bevie remained in Florida and started selling real estate. It was a perfect occupation for her, as she loved helping people find their perfect home, and with her warmth, wit, intelligence, and perseverance, she was absolutely awesome at her job, and she continued doing that for over 40 years. Years ago, Bevie spoke to me about what she would want to have happen when she passed away. She wasn't much for a lot of fanfare, but she wanted to do something impactful -- to make a difference. She discovered Science Care, and her mind was made up -- she wanted to donate her body to science. She wanted to do her part to help -- in this world and the next. Beverly will be so missed by me and my family. She was a bright star to all who knew her, and her love, her laughter, her beautiful spirit will live in my heart forever.

Friends & Family

Kimberly Crose and family -- Colin and Lisa Crose, Cory and Les Castellanos, Herbert and Charlotte Seymour, David Seymour and Family, John Seymour and Family, Susan and Harry Evers, Erven and Florence Meddaugh, Beverly's parents -- Madeline and Cecil Kennard

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