Bobby Kirk

October 1966
February 2024


Bobbie Kirk could fix just about anything that had a motor and he could out fish just about anyone. If Bobbie was not out camping, or on the Gulf Shores fishing he was working hard as a mechanic. Bobbie Kirk worked harder than most men but he loved even harder. Bobbie loved his nieces, nephews, and brother and sisters. He enjoyed the outdoors immensely and admired and respected nature. Bobbie was at home among his animals and other wildlife on the family ranch and enjoyed evening strolls. Bobbie may not have been here for a long time but he was here to have a great time and live life to the fullest- working hard, loving harder, and giving everything he had to everyone. Bobbie will be missed for all of the little things that have left a big hole in so many ways. He will be missed for his laugh, practical jokes, his work ethic, dedication and love for his family, and his endless pursuit of happiness. Bobbie just wanted to have a good time - Here's to you, Bob! May heaven bring endless fish, endless beer, endless sunsets, and an endless good time. We love you, Bob.

Friends & Family

Willie Kirk, Brother and husband Jerry; Mary King, Sister and husband Eric King and Children Phillip, Charles & Ray; Mona Wendler, Sister, and her two sons: Shawn Proctor, Nephew and wife Candice Proctor- Children Brandon, Dixie, Kayvin, & Ava; Will Proctor, Nephew and wife, Adriene Proctor- Children Jude and Madeleine Proctor

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