Bradley Venable

December 1963
December 2021


Brad, my husband of 20 years, was a wonderful and loving father to our incredible daughter, Saige, and an awesome lifetime partner to me. Suffered terrible terminal colorectal cancer for the past 3 years, but fought bravely and endured excruciating pains days in and out with little complaints. The decline came so fast and furiously, we did not have time to say proper goodbyes. We miss him deeply and wish we had more time. We do know he's in no pain and finally free. That's what matters the most that he's pain-free... As you wish, we would take care of ourselves as best as we could. When we hear Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, String Cheese Incident, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite, we know you are with Saige and me. Come to the manzanita tree in our backyard where your memorial site would be built. Come and spend time with Saige and me, when you get tired after dancing with the dancing bear and smoking with Jerry G. Saige and I will miss you every day of my life. Love.

Friends & Family

Paige Venable (sister), Debbie and Chuck Hoover (mother and stepfather), Heayoung (best female friend and advocate for Brad), Lindsey (niece), Tom (best male friend), Jae Lee (mother in law), John and Tony (brother in-laws).

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