Brooke Hamilton

November 1935
February 2022


Brooke was a man of many interests, talents, and experiences. He lived in several countries throughout his life and loved the people and the beauty and the food and the culture that each country had to offer. He was an engineer, an actor in community theater, an avid horseman, a talented chef, a master gardener and fluent in 3 languages. He loved nature -- the ocean, the mountains, the desert, anywhere there was wide open space to explore and learn about. He was often reading several books at a time and always wanted to learn more. He loved animals and spending time with people he loved and always had a story to tell, especially about his experiences abroad. We share a picture from 6 years ago with his great granddaughter. It captures the twinkle in his eye.

Friends & Family

Preceded in death by: Parent - Hamilton and Jeanette Sister - Janet Daughter - Kimberley Children - Wendy, Scott, PeteGrandchildren - Kirsten, Bridget, Whitney, Katie, Kyle Great granddaughter - Olivia Sister - Judy McBride Judy's Children - Sharon, Doran, Elissa Janet's Children - Donna, Michelle

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