Calvin Kleine

May 1955
August 2022


Calvin was the kindest soul I have ever known, that's why I married him 32 years ago. He loved me more than anything, he loved his entire family more then anything. He always helped anyone who needed it. He served in the US Army so he was a veteran. When he got out of the Army he went into transportation still serving people, last but not least in his death he served Science Care for humanity. My husband you will always be painfully missed. I love him more than anything always and forever. Rest easy my love until we are together again.

Friends & Family

Kathy Kleine (Wife), Shannon Schmitz (Daughter), Shasta Dye (Daughter), Jeff Dye (Son in-law), and all grandchildren Ashley Schmitz, Maddy Schmitz , Samantha Schmitz, Nathan Phibbs, Brandon Phibbs, Ashton Phibbs

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