Carole Vakanas

January 1947
November 2021


Carole Jean Vakanas born January 7, 1947 in Pittsburg, PA and passed away November 20, 2021. George Raymond Vakanas and Bette Jean Reed Vakanas were her proud parents. She is survived by her children Mary Diane Johnson Burrows, Andrew George Johnson, 4 grandchildren Joshua Burrows, Sarah Burrows, Jake Johnson, Dylan Johnson and sisters Mary Ann Carter, Judith De Atley and Lou Ellen Vakanas. As a military dependent she traveled the world with her family. She was one of the first female crap dealers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most recently she resided in Rio Rancho, NM prior to joining her daughter in Reno, NV. She is remembered by family and friends for the compassion and love that she extended to all. She shared her stories of traveling and life with many. She touched many lives.

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