Carolyn Alterman

October 1946
July 2021


Carolyn Alterman went to college to get a sociology degree first. She then changed her major and was trained in the Montessori philosophy of education. She owned a Montessori school for many years. She sold her business when the economy crashed in the 80s. She then pursued and attained a masters degree in early childhood education. She taught for many years in the public school system and tutored after she retired. Teaching was her true passion. She, especially, enjoyed helping kids who had had learning disabilities. She was very talented at helping kids nobody else could help and she loved it! She also attained a degree in hypnotherapy and spent some time helping people through that. As you can see, her life followed a pattern of wanting to help others. She was a wonderful mother and her grandson was the light of her life. She had a very compassionate heart and was adept at unconditional love. She will be missed dearly by her daughter, Krishna Krolczyk, her son in law Pete Krolczyk, her grandson Benjamin Krolczyk and all of her friends and family.

Friends & Family

Krishna Krolczyk: Daughter, Pete Krolczyk: Son in Law, Benjamin Krolczyk: Grandson

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