Cassandra Narburgh

June 1973
August 2018


Born June 5 1973 in Albion NY, to William and Sharon Narburgh. She graduated from Albion Central School in 1991. From a young age she was a free spirit and a truly gifted artist that pursued an education in Medical Illustration at RIT while living in Rochester, NY. Cassandra also lived in Northern California and most recently Colorado devoting much of her time to the social service sector helping others. She was a big fan of online gaming, specifically RPGs, and she loved animals with a passion. She enjoyed singing karaoke, and listening to Amon Tobin and Tool. She loathed musicals unless puppets were involved. She was a fierce proponent for gender equality, racial equality, and basically every form of equality. She will forever be in our hearts.

Friends & Family

Sharon Narburgh (Mother); Kirk Narburgh (Brother); Chad Narburgh (Brother); Zain Sunstone (Partner); Figgis Liebestraum (Her Cat)

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