Charles Seykot

January 1951
June 2023


Charles Seykot Jr was born in Philadelphia in 1951, the second of six children to the late Charles Sr and Ann Seykot. He was a good and loyal son/brother, a hard worker, and a pleasant man. He was generous with his time and also donated time and money to many causes throughout his life. He was active with the Knights of Columbus and with his church. He volunteered his time driving elderly friends, neighbors, and others to stores and appointments. He worked in physically demanding jobs such as sheet metal work until his health took a turn and he had multiple surgeries rendering him disabled. Charles always had a positive demeanor and was engaging to talk to. He did love to eat and also travel on bus trips -to DC, AC and other places throughout the years. He was an avid walker, walking his dog, usually walking the entire boardwalk while on vacation to Wildwood Nj and also once from Kensington to South Philly. He grew up in North Philadelphia, then moved with the family to Kensington, near I and Tioga, then to Mayfair and finally to Warminster PaA with his brother John. Unfortunately, he spent his final 3+ years in a nursing home Greenleaf in Doylestown PA- where he did get wonderful care, after losing his leg due to diabetes complications. He could never get back home due in part to Covid restrictions. He was always excited to be invited out to dinner and to family and friend parties and holiday dinners. He is survived by his siblings, Theresa, John, Ann Marie, James, and Eileen, dog Cookie, and close long-time friend Mary Ann Gillespie.

Friends & Family

Theresa and Philip Large - sister and brother-in-law; John Seykot - brother; Ann Marie and Dave Brashears sister and brother-in-law; James and Susan Seykot - brother and sister-in-law; Eileen Rhodes - sister; Mary Beth Navratil, Eileen Ann Large, Mary Theresa Seykot, Heather Rhodes - nieces; Shane Brashears, Jeremy Brashears, James Patrick Seykot - nephews

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