Charles Vandergrifft

October 1942
April 2024


In loving memory of my dear grandpa, Charles Vandergrifft, who recently passed away: Charles Vandergrifft shaped the world for everyone he met. He was extremely caring and made a point to tell everyone how much he loved them. Anytime he would tell you that he loved you, he’d say afterward “You already know that I love you.” I’d do anything to hear you say that to me again. He was an amazing father, grandfather, uncle, and friend. He healed the hearts of many and was there for every heartbreak. While he made it a point to tell you never to cry, he was a shoulder to cry on when you did. He taught us how to live; he lived to 81 years old and had no regrets. If you wanted something, he’d tell you to go get it. He made it clear that the world was ours and that we could accomplish any dream. I wish you were here to see me accomplish my dreams, but I know that you are watching me from above. You were always all of our biggest cheerleader. I’m his granddaughter writing this, and he saved my life in more ways than one. I’m sure every person he’s ever met would say the same. There will be nobody else in this entire world like Papa Willie. You always were and will always be my best friend. You understood me in a way nobody else truly could. I wouldn’t be the person I am without him; he completely shaped me into the woman I am today, and I will be eternally grateful to him for this. While our parents were at work, Papa Willie would be the one to babysit me, my sister, and my younger cousin. He would take us on crazy adventures and we would have the most fun. At the end of the day, I always told myself “Nothing could be more fun than this,” but he somehow made each day more fun than the last. I would “fall asleep” at his house so I would be able to spend more time with him, we all would. He was the most creative person. One of his most creative tasks was turning a storage trailer into a hangout for all of his grandkids and his friends. Every time we hear an Elvis Presley song, we will think of him. One of my fondest memories of Papa Willie was when he had my sister and me play “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis in the car. When we pulled up to a red light, he got everyone at the intersection to dance with him to it. That’s the person he was. He was so fun-loving, and he loved to dance. He would dance even if there wasn’t music; he’d sing a song he’d come up with on the spot. Since you passed, I've been listening to the song "Marjorie" by Taylor Swift on repeat. However, there's one lyric that neither I nor anyone he's met can fully relate to. Every scrap of you will never be taken from us because of the impact you’ve made on our lives. I see you in everything, and I will until the day I die. You gave us the world before you left; nobody else could ever have done that. Everyone in the world deserved to know him. I look forward to seeing you again, Papa Willie. We will all love you forever.

Friends & Family

Betty Vandergrifft, Dawn Vandergrifft, April Vandergrifft, Ashleigh Hamm, Rylee Hamm, Destini Vandergrifft

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