Cheryl Joles

March 1944
April 2023


My mom, Sherry Joles, left us on April 27th, 2023. Mom was a wonderful person that represented everything that is good in people. She had strong Christian values. She was devoted to her faith and a firm belief in God. In addition, she loved all animals, dog, cat, fish, turtle, hamster, and lizard…she loved them all. Furthermore, she had a deep passion for always doing the right thing. Moreover, she loved her family. She was incredibly proud of her children and her grandchildren. And lastly, she put everyone’s interest above her own. She always made you feel that your feelings were the most important. I have added direct quotes from the family that attest to my mom’s ability to touch and reach people on a personal level. Tom Bizzarri her son, “From my mom. I learned to always try and do not be afraid to take a chance. Do you want to look back and think about all the things you wish you had done? Or look back at all things you have done?” Jeanette Phelps her daughter, a couple of things I remember about mom. Mom loved to watch movies. She was always telling me about a movie she had just watched. She loved the movie, “Love Story” and would watch it over and over. In addition, Mom and I would reminisce about her love for the piano and her the days when she played the piano. Toni Hale, her sister, my sister Sherry was a wonderful sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and aunt. She was not only an aunt to my three boys but more of a grandmother to them. She was devoted to her religion she held God and the Blessed Virgin close to her at times. There were so many happy times. I can still hear her voice and her laugh. Her legacy will live on with all the memories we have and all the stories that we will tell. I love you Dear Sister you are missed, and my heart holds you close. Caren Daily, her sister, I remember growing up and being the middle kids, we always stuck together. She always had my back and I had hers. One of our most fun times was going bowling and bingo together. How we looked forward to our night out once a week. She and I had an incredibly special bond. We were different in so many ways but so close. I was Tom Boy, and she was the glittery dancer. She loved to dance. Together we could jitterbug with the best. I am going to miss my sis so very much. Mom, we will miss you. I will miss our Saturday ventures going to church together. I will miss your visits on Sunday, “just to see the dogs” and to say hello. Most importantly, I will miss our short chats on “How is work going?” “How are the kids doing in school?” “Remember, to get a lot of rest Dave, you work a lot of hours.” I understand and have come to terms with the fact that you are gone physically. I assure you that your kids and grandkids will continue to live vicariously through you, your spirit, and your influence in their lives. And we will never forget you. I love you, MOM!

Friends & Family

Marie Joles, Daughter-In-Law; Jeanette Joles, Daughter; Tom Bizzarri, Son; Jill Bizzarri, Daughter-In-Law; Toni Hale, Sister; Caren Daily, Sister; John Phelps, Grandson; Kristin Phelps, Granddaughter-In-Law; Samantha Joles, Granddaughter, Natalie Joles, Granddaughter; Nicholas Joles, Grandson; Elias Phelps, Great-Grandson

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