Choice Donald Cash

March 1926
March 2022


March 12, 1926, a baby is born to Elby & Laura Cash---a son; Choice Donald (CD) Cash. He grew up in Crosbyton where he met & married Mary Arvella Lorraine Howell on September 19, 1947---& now CD becomes Husband. June 7, 1949, another baby is born, Terry Don Cash, & now, C D becomes "Daddy". After 22 years, another baby boy is born, Kelley Don Cash, & C D becomes Pop. Two sons, Terry & Gary, call him "Dad"; 1 grandson, Kelley, & 6 granddaughters, Carla & Jennifer & Ronda & Heather & Robin & Corrie, all call him well as 2 daughters-in-law, 1 granddaughter-in-law, 3 grandsons-in-law, 14 great grandchildren, & 4 great great grandchildren who all call him Pop. Now it's March 12, 2022---Arvella has been gone 2 years & this husband, daddy & Pop---a WWII veteran---is weary, but the one title that hasn't changed since he was a child: Christian, Child of God. Thursday he was told he has cancer in his leg bones, Hospice moved him to the nursing home...the same 1 where his mother-in-law & his beloved wife left us. Now he eagerly awaits his departure...we're all selfish enough to want 1 more visit but know what awaits him....why, we can only imagine! So as we visited Pop today, my tears rolling, he said, "There's no reason to be sad!" to which I replied, "I know! Not for you! For you, I wish for your final birth, but for us, just 1 more time...". I kissed his cheek, Terry kissed his cheek, we prayed together & Terry &I left his room. Now we wait---each phone call; is this the "one"? Will he be released from all his physical pain? Or will we have another opportunity tomorrow---this side of heaven, just 1 more time, to say "I love you" to the patriarch of our family? We know AND trust THE ONE WHO holds the future---for all of us. HAPPY 96TH EARTHLY BIRTHDAY POP...SEE YOU SOON...HERE OR THERE!, (He ordered me NOT to post anything about him on Facebook, but I guess I've always been a little rebellious; I just needed to pay tribute to a great man)

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