Cleven Hill

December 1935
December 2015


Cleven Hill was a strong, independent man, whose shoes can never be filled. Being a man that was devoted, he enlisted in the united states marine corps in 1958 to 1961. After 4 years of honorable service to our country he was discharged. Cleven’s smile was as bright as the sun, and warmed the hearts of those who crossed his path. He had a beautiful sense of humor which was delightful to embrace. His greatness will forever be measured by his kindness and generosity. Cleven was also a father that loved what he did. He committed his life to taking care of his children. Always making sure they had whatever it was that his children needed. He will forever be loved and missed dearly.

Friends & Family

Kenny Hill, Craig Hill, Jason Gray, Cleve Hill, Mario Hill, Lisa Hill, Jodie Hill, Kiesha Hill, Mark Hill, Michael Hill

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