Clifton Waltrip

July 1967
February 2022


My husband. He had a kind gentle heart, loyal and protective to family and friends. Both of us had been Active Army. When we met we were in the Army Reserve, we were friends at 1st. and grew into love and respect for each other. When we got married he went back to active duty. One could not help but like who he was; he was honest, loyal, hard headed, he lead by example. He cared not only for his family but for the mission making sure it was done correct and making sure those under him could do their job correctly .He was a fantastic husband, son, dad, friend. He was my best friend, I miss him terribly and will love him always.

Friends & Family

Kevin and Gina Phillips, Matthew Phillips, Brandon and Kathryn Phillips, Liz Simas (Waltrip), Dale Waltrip, Eddy Waltrip, Billy and Duane Waltrip, Michaela and Don Price, Linda Parker,Ken Thomas, Jim Pender,Vince Smyth, Todd Glidwell

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