Coille Hooven

July 1939
May 2024


Coille, AKA Coco, lived a long life pursuing her passion of working in clay. She became a well-known ceramicist and achieved her wish of a retrospective in NYC, while she could still participate and enjoy the celebration. She got a piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, shortly after which was also one of her dreams. She was creative and driven, enveloping herself in the Bay Area ceramic art community from 1970 for the remainder of her life in Berkeley. In 2018 the city proclaimed a "Coille Hooven Day" with a procession of her friends and family embellished in purple shirts, carrying signs and purple balloons traversed the town from City Hall to the local cafe. She loved a good celebration, laughing and being surrounded by her friends and family, whom she later referred to as "my people". She was deeply loved and supported. Her website:

Friends & Family

Molly Hooven

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