Curtis Brown

March 1945
May 2023


From Wife Maxine: Curtis loved to laugh and have a good time, always encouraging those around him to join in. Many of his friends described him as "one of a kind" in making everyone feel welcome and laughing with him. I met Curtis on May 5, 2007, and we were never apart from that time. We married on May 3, 2008. He was the love of my life and from the time I met him he changed my life to love, laughter, and fun. Curtis was a two-time Viet Nam veteran serving in the Maine Corp. He volunteered at many local organizations. He always seemed to have a Corvette and participated in local club events. From Brother Mike: In the days of milkman deliveries and coal heat. when I was 5 years old and Curt 12, he and I would wake on cold nights and sneak downstairs to warm ourselves on the only source of heat in the house we called the register. He would make us Wonder bread toast slathered with real butter and pour tall glasses of cold milk, the type where the cream would float to the top, and we would sit on the register wrapped in a blanket and talk until our bodies were warmed and our treats gone. I would go back to bed, full, warmed, and happy I had a big brother. From Daughter Diane: There are lots of stories I could write about my dad but the one thing I am most grateful for is that he was an extraordinary grandfather to my children. The time they spent together was filled with laughter, adventures, and more love than anyone could ever ask for. He would tell everyone that his grandchildren were his hero's. And he was their hero. Each and every one of them knew how much love he had for them. From Granddaughter Ashley: Curtis Brown held many names, Son, Dad, Brother, Husband, but I think the name he cherished the most was Popeye. This was the name given to him by his grandchildren. Over time anyone and everyone knew his name. Friends, family, children, adults would call him Popeye so naturally as if it's the only name he had. Popeye became his identity, not so much the cartoon, though he did love Popeye memorabilia, but more of who the character was. Popeye gave us love, protection and adventure. He would take us on adventures up north (New Hampshire) searching for moose, he'd take us fishing and on nature walks teaching us all he knew. One winter he took us to the family farm where we spent the day tenting and had a fire and hot cocoa. He entertained all our crazy childhood games and ideas. He would send flowers every birthday and we shared a secret hand squeeze, 3x for I love you. He loved us endlessly always striving to be the man we saw. He lived his life with adventure and purpose. He loved those around him effortlessly, protecting them and caring for them. He was a character, he was a force, he was a real life "Popeye." From Nephew Craig C.: In the beginning, he was my uncle and I, his nephew. In the end, he was my friend and I, his. I will forever miss my friend.

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