Darrell Nichols

April 1951
November 2022


He was also known as D.J., Nick, and the White Indian. He served in the U.S. Army for nearly 10 years, was a volunteer firefighter and a tornado watch guard, and helped community theater & arts by sharing his skills, He raised two additional children along with his own, treating and loving them all the same. Darrell believed in doing what he could to help humankind and Mother Earth. He spent his life giving it his best. He would always help someone in need, even when his life was challenged, without expecting anything in return, He believed that we should each other well no matter what. Darrell loved the forty-six years he spent with his wife, he loved being a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. His family was his greatest treasure. Even in death, he kept true to what he believed in. By donating his body he hoped that he could improve the quality of life for someone who needed it.

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