David Boyer

April 1924
February 2023


David J. Boyer was a strong, determined spirit his whole life. Born April 12th, 1924 in Hope, North Dakota, he was a child of the Great Depression and that instilled a sense of work ethic, ingenuity, and self-reliance. His business acumen and intelligence were apparent from the start, and he would continue these pursuits after his time in the Army during World War II. David secretly enlisted at the age of 17 when he heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor. During his time in the Army, David was a part of the 405th Regiment I&R platoon. He stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, was present during the Rhine River crossings as a sniper, and did many other harrowing assignments during his time in the Military. He did not speak about his time in the Army during World War II much until his later years, writing a short book and opening up to his family about his experiences. One such story resulted in the portrait you see at the memorial table. His platoon captured a German spy, and at some point, during this event, the man painted this portrait of him. We are thankful for his service and his commitment to his country. Once out of the military, he returned to Mayville to continue his education, which cumulated in both a Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Finance. David went on to work as a teacher, for the FDIC, and then the MN&S Railway. His love of work led him to much success and he was very proud of his achievements. Lastly, it would be remiss to not mention his beloved wife, Inez. They married in 1947 and were together until Inez’s passing in 2015. Through the years they spent together, they were a truly bonded pair. She supported him in all his endeavors and they eventually settled in Minnesota where they raised their two children, Paul and Barbara. David and Inez also cherished the time they spent with their only grandchild, Lauren. The two of them lived out their retirement together by traveling around until they discovered their love of the desert and settled in Arizona. Whether you knew David for a short time or a long time, you’ve experienced his zest for life. He was a pillar of every community he became a part of. And in his last years, it was always a pleasure to speak with him about his experiences as he reminisced on a life lived fully. May he rest in peace.

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