David Fleet

June 1978
November 2021


David was a good man. He loved God, his country, his daughter, his mother, and his family. He helped his mom when his dad was disabled from ALS. He was a loyal friend. He was kind. He was funny. He loved motorcycles, working out with weights, running, playing guitar, drawing, and Legos. He loved Star Wars and the Mandalorian. He watched Forged in Fire, Restaurant Impossible, and cars shows. He loved aquariums, building model cars and planes, and anime. He was the strong silent type. He marched to his own drummer. He was never one to go with the trend. He never complained about his having ALS. He met any and every challenge with grace and humility. With strength and courage. He refused to give in to his disabilities. He was determined to live without depending on anyone. Until he couldn’t.

Friends & Family

Ryleigh Fleet his daughter, Kelly Fleet Gilbert his sister, Miles Gilbert his nephew, Nancy and Jack Jenkins his aunt and uncle, Kristan his wife

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