David Paul Capel III

June 1995
January 2022


David Paul Capel III was born on June 9, 1995 to Christina Shadd and David Capel in Sacramento, CA. David unexpectedly passed on January 8th, 2022, and has left us far too soon. His life was cut so very short at 26 years old. David loved life and wanted to live it up every second that he could. David had the most extraordinary personality that set him apart from others. David was so very kind at heart and only wished to love and be loved. David will be deeply missed every single day and will be with us in our thoughts and memories. I will miss you my dearest son and I am so very sorry that your life ended so soon. You will always be in my heart with me. I know you will never be too far away. I love you so very much!

Friends & Family

Appreciation and love to David's closest friend Jackie Reno. I hope you find peace and hope your pain eases. You and David have many memories. Take them with you daily and know that he truly loved you and cherished your relationship.

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