David Ray Weddle

June 1944
August 2022


Ray Weddle passed away on August 18th peacefully after years suffering from Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia. He was an amazing, creative, intelligent, hardworking man, talented in so many areas and was able to pass on his knowledge to so many. He grew up in Colorado and was a lover of the great outdoors, fishing in every lake and river that he could. He taught his daughter, Angie how to fish and hunt and even had her riding her motorcycle at the age of 7. Ray's love of the Native American culture began as a young boy when both of his parents worked at the Glen Canyon Dam near Paige AZ. He was fascinated with petroglyphs on the rock walls and it graduated to the SW pueblos of the Hope, Zuni, Santa Domingo and the rest, where we would visit often. He made many friends there and was able to trade with them for many of their wonderful crafts. He was an avid reader with interests in trains, duck decoys, race cars, birds, animals, cultures around the world, and much more. I called him my mountain man professor, because of all his outdoor adventures and his passion to be even more knowledgeable and artistic with his own creations. Ray was a successful woodworker before he started working at Hewlett Packard as a sheet metal model maker, which he loved. He made many friends there and enjoyed fishing, camping, and water skiing with them. He was a race car driver and an alternate driver for the famous car, Pure Heaven, a top fueler altered. He also raced the English Ford Anglia's in the 60's and 70's. Ray always looked forward to the many camping trips with the family. He loved teaching his grandchildren, Jordan and Garett and their friends how to water ski and tubing behind his jet boat. He reluctantly played charades and other campfire games, but making us laugh all the while. Paul, Angie's husband, fit right in because of his love of the outdoors also. As the family grew with Jordan's marriage to Nate brought 2 great grandchildren, Maya and Mateo, who brought such joy to the last few years of his life. He was happy when Garett married the love of his life, Isobelle earlier this year. Ray was the love of my life and we had many exciting adventures together for many years. You left your blueprint in my mind, your handprint on my heart, and your imprint on my soul... I will always love you! Nancy

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