David Stanley

August 1958
June 2022


David loved motorcycles. He first started riding as a teenager. His first motorcycle was a Harley Davidson Sportster. At the time, he was just tall enough to be able to put his feet on the ground while holding the motorcycle upright. Like all people on earth, David had his struggles in life. Some of his struggles, he was able to overcome. Others, he continued to struggle with until the day of his death. All of us teach our children life lessons. Some of those lessons are about things one should do. Others are more about things to avoid. In the end he decided to donate his body in hopes of helping someone in the future. We are glad he made this decision and hope his body helps in many ways.

Friends & Family

Daughter- Melissa Stanley McDonald (Joe); Grandsons- Landon and Chance Holloway; Son- John Stanley (Amanda); Granddaughter Savannah Hunter; Sister- Connie Stanley Hewett (Johnny)

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