Debbie True

November 1953
July 2022


A warm glowing light shone brightly on Debbie’s face as she approached the gates of Heaven and when she entered early Friday morning our lives became overcast. Our eyes grew misty and our tears fell softly like raindrops. Yet, as we look through those misty raindrop tears, we are blessed with the vision of the most wonderfully vibrant rainbow. It’s then we know that it is her. She is at peace and she is Home. Deborah Colleen True touched the lives of many people with her sweet, cheerful, welcoming and generous nature. It wasn’t just people though, so many animals’ lives were made better by her kind, quiet, gently loving and nurturing spirit. She was THE BEST EVER DOG MOM! There wasn’t a 4-legged tail wagger she could turn her back on. Debbie came into this world November 18th more than a few years ago (a lady doesn’t reveal her true age) and left it July 15th of this year after a brief but bravely fought battle against cancer. Debbie may have been a tiny, tow headed, fashion savvy pixie but she was also fierce. There are so many things that she could and did do but what stands out most to me from Debbie’s extensive list of accomplishments, the absolute biggest thing she did, was light up my Dad’s life. She loved him beyond measure, she gave him peace by calming the storm he could be, she took the best care of him and made sure he was always perfectly pressed. She gave him 29 of the best years of his life and he is a better man because of it and that, as we say in my family, is a “True Story.” Debbie not only joins Sammi, Spook and Cooter (her beloved fur babies from days gone by) in heaven, but also her parents Kenneth and Frances. Her sister Faith welcomes her with a long overdue hug. Staying behind to cherish Debbie’s memory are her loving husband Dennis, children- Dorothy (Bobby), Craig (Kelly), and David Bird. Grandchildren- Marcus, Kristine, Jake and Evan. Great grandchildren- Avery, Sawyer and Harper. Siblings- Dale (Debbie) Graham and Kenny Graham. Many sisters-in-law, a brother-in-law, a father-in-law, cousins, nieces and nephews along with a plethora of dear friends. If you have stayed with us this far then I think it’s safe to say you have come to understand that this playful, loyal, hardworking woman will be missed. Debbie was and always will be a TRUE Treasure.

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