Deborah Wilson

March 1949
August 2022


Debby appears petite at 5’3” with a size 5 1/2 shoe. The lines on her face, the blue-grey eyes, and the calluses on her hands tell you she worked hard her entire life, mostly as a waitress. She was the girl next door, the cheerleader, and spunky softball player. Debby could make you a delicious pie from scratch, whip you up a dress on the sewing machine, or help you paint your house inside and out. She loved her job and her home, and you would frequently see her tending to her garden or mowing her lawn. There was a time she enjoyed growing orchids and they were beautiful. She was independent, feisty, and had an absolute belief system. You might catch her hunting through antique stores, goodwill, or swap meets looking for Lena Liu treasures or unique glassware in a variety of green and blue shades. Debby was old school, polite, well mannered, and had a wicked sense of humor. When it’s football season, Debby considered the Green Bay Packers as her boys, her team, and will defend them to anyone! She loved Christmas! From the twinkling lights on the house, to the assorted snowmen scattered about the tree, and presents wrapped to perfection under it. In life Debby was a sister, an aunt, a partner, friend, and “Mom” to her cat “Bella” whom she adored. If you ever met Debby you’d probably like her, most people did. And if you ever needed a friend or help, she would be there. For the most part of her life, Debby would tell you it was good and she was happy!

Friends & Family

Laurie & Bobby (Sisters), Angel (Nephew), and Rose (Niece)

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