Delma Darline Binninger

March 1947
November 2023


First and foremost my mother was a Christian. She was born and raised a Baptist. Mom loved the Lord. Mom was so talented and known for her needlework, crochet, knitting, cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, and her crewel work. She was considered an expert and in fact, won several 1st place ribbons for her work. She was an avid reader and was never without a current read going. Mom was precious and was loved by so many people. She was stubborn. If she didn’t want to do it there was no way she could be talked into it. She had four children and had to go through losing two of her daughters. Mom never got over those loses. She still cried about them to her last day. She was a single mom for the most part, as she was the victim of a physically abusive husband. She was a very strict and protective mother. She has 7 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. Her sense of humor was second to none. She was hilarious and was always laughing. In fact, one of the last things she said to me was we’ve had some good laughs. Which of course made us laugh. My mother was very giving, and trusting almost to a fault. It was her way regardless. My mom was raised by her grandparents, she has 4 siblings. Two still living. She was the youngest of the 4 girls with one little brother. Mom's greatness wasn’t anything grand according to the world's standards, moms greatness was her love.

Friends & Family

Her children: Tina Marie Sykes, Delma Lynn Smith, Richina Lea Furia, Bobby Lee Hammock; Her Church: Landmark Baptist Church and her loving church family with special mention to Peggy, Ann Pastors wife, Pastor, Vivian, Wes, and Diane; Her sisters: Louise, Barbara, Nina, and brother Micheal, Her parents: Richard & Helen Allred; Grandparents: Henry, and grandma Allred

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