Desiree Quiles

February 1978
April 2024


About her: she was an awesome massage therapist in her younger years, she loved to swim, love cats, crochet, make jewelry, and sing, especially the original Kingdom songs. To share in the ministry when she could especially during campaigns, shared in harbor witnessing, and helped Ib in the LDC helping with HVAC and of course like most women, she loved to shop always looking for that bargain. She was thoughtful of others, especially at anniversary time. It didn't matter where she was, she wanted to make sure friends and family got gifts or a card even if it was orchestrated from a hospital bed. But her faith and trust in Jah was the most prominent. She was a loyal servant. She would often watch bible dramas during the night when she couldn't sleep, how they comforted her. but Jah was her rock, whom she prayed to often and she firmly believed he was always at her right side. I wanted to add that her illness didn't always let the best part of her shine through all the time, but she was always grateful and appreciative of everything her husband, family, and dear friends did for her.... **Fav verses Rom 8:38, Isaiah 41:10,13, Rev 21:3,4, Ezekiel 1 From Ib: loved her spirituality and love for Jehovah, it was deep. Desi would give counsel to always have Jehovahs thinking on things and was never selfish Loved the image of Jehovah on his throne from Ezekiel 1. She would think of that before going in for surgery and it would give her peace and help her not be afraid of death. Had a project to watch all the broadcasts starting with the very first one. She felt it always gave her what she needed at the time. From her cousin: Whenever we would talk and I would say I’m so sorry Des..I hate that you are having to deal with this, Desi would always say it’s ok..Jehovah is with me and he helps me. Jehovah tells us in Isaiah 41:10 that he grabs us by the right hand and says he will help us and we grab his hand by reading the Bible, the broadcasts, the meetings, and prayer. She would always have the latest answer to prayers and when we would hang up the phone we would say she is so encouraging! We would think we were calling her to encourage her but she would encourage us. Desi is one of a kind, a true fighter.

Friends & Family

Survived by: Husband Ibrahim Quiles of 25 years, Mother Julia Heflin (Troy) half brother.. Caleb (Sarah) Kauble, half brother Cheyney Heflin, step-sister Amanda Frye, and step-brother. Charles ..Step brother Noah (Crystal)Heflin. Step sister Darcy (Kaliss) Coleman and Step brother Adam (Terry) Heflin. Preceded in death by her Father Jerry Kauble and Step-sister Shawna Tabbot. Desi fell asleep on April 25th surrounded by love with her friends and family. Desi was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in Columbus OH. Desi attended the Crane’s Roost Florida congregation for the last 9 years. Desi was known as a faithful servant of her God, Jehovah whom Desi considered her Rock. She was always encouraging to others even though she was suffering with her own trials of her illness and always made others feel that they were more important and wanted to make people feel happy. Desi was convinced of our hope of Paradise so though we will dearly miss her company we eagerly await the moment when she wakes up and is back with us in perfect health!

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