Diana Olson

January 1938
April 2016


It’s been 2 years since mom passed. I think of her everyday. She was more then my mom, she was my best friend. I could talk to her about anything. And still do. She said before she passed. Talk to me, I will hear you. She was loved by everyone. All my friends growing up called her mom. I was the only daughter and have 2 brothers. She would play baseball with them and have tea parties with me. I remember a time we went fishing. No one caught any fish with their fancy poles and lures. But mom did, and all she had was a cane pole and a bobber. There she was standing in the water up to her butt, holding her catch. After pops passed 5 years before mom, she lost a lot of her spirit, she was so sad and lonely without him. I know she loved us, but she was just tired. And pops was waiting for his ladybug. When i think of them together again I smile. I love you mom. And thank you Science Care for taking such good care of her after.

Friends & Family

Son – Kent M. Smith, Son- Daniel J. Smith, Daughter- Cheri A. Smith, Husband – Chris J. Olson, Best Friend – Sally Trujillo, Friend – Linda Symms, Friend- Pamela Guy

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