Dimitrious Bouras

March 1965
February 2024


Our beloved Dimitri was hilarious, witty, and cool. Not the type of cool that was unapproachable either, he treated everyone as an equal and was everybody’s friend. He had a special energy around him and lots of fun stories to tell. A big sports lover, he was an NCAA umpire and basketball official, as well as the guy who could always pick the winning Superbowl team. He was extremely positive, with an unbreakable spirit in the face of life, even when diagnosed with ALS. He described himself as “a lucky guy” and was a dreamer who knew how to shoot for the stars and work hard to get there. He loved rock and rap music, Geno’s cheesesteaks, the movie “Friday”, and talking for a very long time after saying “To make a long story short”. He used to say “What it is, is”, and he will always be.

Friends & Family

D leaves behind his wife, who was the love of his life, an equally cool and funny (and humble) daughter, many many friends, and a fantasy football league whose remaining members might have a chance of winning first place now.

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