Donald Matteson

January 1954
July 2021


My dad was an amazing person who loved to make people laugh. When you was down he would be the one to go to. If you thought bad about yourself or just needed someone to talk to he was their. He didn't always tell you want you wanted to hear but he was always their. He loved to go to bingo and the casino. Everyone that came in contact with him even if it was for just 5 minutes can tell you a story about how he touched their lives. My dad is going to be truly missed by so many people. But in the end we all know that he is in a better place. We love you dad.

Friends & Family

Pam Scott- Sister, Aaron Matteson- grandson, Austin Matteson- grandson, Rashona cary- granddaughter, Marvelle cary- grandson, Caydence cary- granddaughter, Ryan Cary- son in law, Josiah Matteson- great grandson, Annette hanway- neice, Sharon- neice, and many many more

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