Doni White

June 1960
March 2023


For Doni White, who passed away on March 21st, 2023 at only 62 years old. Doni was an unconventional person, but loved all those he met, for he had a heart of gold. He was a collector, an animal lover, and a foodie. He loved the simple things in life, considering Doni had a childlike sense of wonder- a good movie, a fast car, the laugh of the children in the family. That was the easiest way to describe Doni, like the child of the family who never grew up. He liked to play and to love and to be loved and enjoy good food and time with family. He will be deeply missed.

Friends & Family

Dwane and Debbie White, Thomas and Dana Wilson, Damon White, Denece and Virgil Brooks, and all our Children and Grandchildren. Daren White, Vicki, and David Olmstead, Timothy White, David Poole and sister Stacey, Debbie and Jim Colelli, Jessie and Kim Smith, and a brother and sister that has passed away Jackie White and June Smith

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