Doris Leventon

May 1936
February 2023


My mother Doris Leventon was a beautiful person without a doubt, I still have yet to really cry and let it all out, Will never forget that Wednesday afternoon kissing and holding her for the last time, I'm sitting here now writing this with some peace of mind, That she's up there in heaven and finally at rest, If she happens to find her Edwin that would be the best, Because 20 years is way too long to be apart, Especially when it was true love right from the start, And that start for Doris and Ed was October of 1959, Just over 40 years of romantic and many precious times, I hope she's with my father and the love of her life, So once again standing together as husband and wife, Because your job down here on this earth was certainly done, And you be missed and remembered fondly by everyone, As for me, your daughter Jodi Kim can't wait to see you again, For now, I promise to keep going on the best as I can, LOVE YOU MOM

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Jodi Leventon

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