Dorothy de Simas

September 1942
March 2023


They called my mother Dottie. She was a very loving person who raised two children on her own as a single mother. She lived a long life and enjoyed her life. She always had a smile for the people she met and she had a lot of friends. She was a person who made friends easily. During her life, she went back to school and received her GED. It was one of her accomplishments she felt she needed to complete. She was a loving mother who was always there for her children. She worked full-time as a waitress all her life. She had a kind heart and would help anyone who needed help. She was a kind and loving grandmother and great-grandmother. She will be missed by all and remembered by all for her loving smile and her sunny outlook on life. She had many interests and played tennis with her friends when she was younger. She also played on the Company Baseball team for Brawley's. She knitted and embroidered as a hobby. She collected books and had a big collection. She collected bells also. Of her many interests and hobbies, she loved to sew clothes for her children and would put her own clothes tag in the garment "Made by Dottie de Simas" She was an excellent cook and canned her homegrown veggies from the garden she planted every year. She loved gardening. She even grew popcorn one year! She was sunshine in a lot of lives she touched.

Friends & Family

Dorothy de Simas is survived by: her two daughters Cindy Jaramillo and Tracy Fink. Her grandchildren survive her: Anthony de Simas and Justin Jaramillo and Jacob Cooper-de Simas and her great-grandchildren.

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