Dorothy Smallwood

November 1954
February 2024


My mother passed away 2 days before my 43rd birthday. She was a lazy woman. She never appreciated anything, and she always saw the negative in everything. She did not raise me. I was her only child. She never said thank you for a single thing that was ever done for her. She refused to see the good in life and move on from her past abuse. She was a very abused child and suffered from tremendous mental illness. This donation of her body Is the way that she could do good in a world that she gave nothing to. I can't say that she didn't contribute anything. When you don't have a mom or a dad, you learn a lot of strength in life if you are willing to take that. So I can say that she gave me strength and resilience because I had to raise myself pretty much alone. Her mother, who raised me pretty much gave up the parental role because she was so abusive to her daughter, so she refused to do any discipline when it came to me. Those choices made me who I am today. I have a lot of strength and resilience because of my mother's choice to not be a mother. It is said that good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgments, so I would like to thank my mom for allowing me to attain such wisdom at a very early age. I could not be the person I am today without having gone through the life that was chosen for me. Thank you for the opportunity to make good out of her life by helping so many others learn from her body donation. I know that she is now healed from all of her mental illness and in a beautiful place full of love that she never received in this world and was never able to give.

Friends & Family

Aryan Celeste Miller 25, Nevaeh Jade Murphy 21, Stephen James Sanders 19, Keegan Thomas Murphy 12, Caleb Avery Murphy 11, Carson Emmitt Murphy 7

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