Edward Botsko

April 1938
December 2023


Edward S. Botsko, 85, of Delray Beach Fl passed away on December 21, 2023. He is survived by his spouse Janice, their children Ted Suasan Jeanine, Carissa, and 11 grandchildren. He was born in Sewickley, PA, to Mary and Steve Botsko. Ed, his sister Barbara, and their parents lived in the home he and his father built. Ed was a high school band trumpet player and an avid reader. He became a new paper printer. He was drafted into the US Regular Army in 1961, as army intelligence serving in the Kennedy-Johnson white house and Korea. Following honorable discharge, he was sent by Katharine Graham, of the Washington Post, to IBM computer science study for Newspaper printing. Thereafter Ed became the senior manager of the Largest to smallest U. S. newspapers for print applications across the country. Ed's favorite things were computers, photography, motorcycles, great music, and delighting in the many accomplishments of his children.

Friends & Family

Janice Botso, Ted Botsko, Susuam Connelly, Jeanine Kelly, Carissa Kretchmer

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