Elio Hernandez

February 1960
May 2022


My husband, Elio, and I were married for 30 years and together for 31 years. He was a very special person. When I met Elio, he did not speak much English and I didn't speak Spanish. Yet we found a way to understand each other with a lot of pointing and gestures. After we were together one year, Elio and I were dancing and he began to cry. Worried, I asked what was wrong. He replied that he was so happy that he had learned the English language. He had been a political prisoner in Cuba and was brought here to the United States through the efforts of Jesse Jackson and our Government. He loved America and was thrilled to be here. He was an excellent diesel mechanic, a wonderful cook and a wonderful Human Being. I learned more from Elio than he learned from me. I am grateful that GOD brought him into my life and I miss him dearly. He was a very giving individual and was determined to donate his body in the hopes of helping others.

Friends & Family

Rida Hernandez (Wife), Eloy Hernandez (Father), Dargis Hernandez (Sister), Eneida Hernandez (Sister), Hector Hernandez (Brother), Chelsea Cepedo (Niece), Iset Acosta (Niece), and Hector Munoz (Nephew)

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