Elizabeth and Norman Desautels

July 1929
December 2022


Dearly loved and greatly missed, they are united again by Elizabeth (known to all as Betty) passing at year-end. Norm and Betty decided together in 2004 to donate their remains and chose Science Care. Our family is grateful this program allowed us to respect their final wishes, first when we lost Norm after a short illness in 2012, and now following a short but difficult illness for Betty at the close of 2022. Both donations through Science Care were all a grieving family could hope for. It is joyful that new life, in the form of trees will be planted in their memory. Beautiful trees are so right for this couple, children of New England. Norm came from a small town in Massachusetts, Betty was born at the edge of the great north woods in Maine. A year apart in age, they were schoolmates at Turners High where Norm played football and Betty was a cheerleader. They weren't childhood sweethearts, however, clicking later on a "double date" while Norm was home on leave from the Navy and Betty was working as a bookkeeper. Married for over 60 years, they took their 2 girls everywhere Norm was stationed as a Naval electronics technician. Our family resided in 7 states, as well as spent several years in South America. In later years, the family settled in San Diego, CA, and enjoyed many happy years in that seaside community. Later in life, their grandchildren were their pride and joy (especially for Norm who had all ladies in the family earlier on!) When the time was right, they chose AZ for their retirement (all those bright days in "The Valley of the Sun") and lived in Mesa in a fun retirement community. Betty was kind, sweet, and artistic, had a lovely laugh, and was a gifted musician and singer. Norm was analytical, very smart, and quiet by nature but observant and witty. He could fix anything, A patient instructor to lawn bowlers in Mesa as he had been to his kids and grandkids teaching us about school, sports, and life, Norm imparted his love of reading to his daughters. The couple killed it at the bridge table, were great cooks, awesome hosts, sharp at games and cards, faithful to their church, and smooth as butter on the dance floor. They taught their girls to swim and ride bikes and drive cars, to make friends and work hard but enjoy simple things and have goals. Most of all, they gave us the freedom to think and be ourselves, never turning away from us if we made mistakes. Both Norm and Betty were 1 of 5 siblings and loved them well. Norm was of french descent, and Desautels relatives still live in Quebec. Betty was a Greenlaw, tracing her family from Scotland to their arrival on the Dolphin in Maine in 1705. Some say LOVE is a road, if that is true may we travel it together, and may the way forward be paved with our memories.

Friends & Family

Daughter Diane Simmons, daughter Norma Desautels and son-in-law Paul Schulte, granddaughter Crysta Meador and grandson-in-law Corey Donahue, grandson Adam Simmons and his sons, great-grandchildren Noah, Natthan, and Erick Simmons, Betty's sister Patricia Babbitt, and her sister-in-law Renate Greenlaw, as well as many loved nieces and nephews on both sides of the family, all will miss you both!

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