Elizabeth Calebs

March 1968
April 2023


Elizabeth (Ellie) was one of the kindest, brightest beings I have ever met. She was an artist, writer, healer, caregiver, traveler, friend, auntie… cancer survivor. In her short life, she loved nature, animals, art, writing/calligraphy, dancing, cooking, and traveling ….Ellie infused beauty into everything she did. She lived in 7 different states, plus Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. She spoke Spanish and English fluently and loved to travel. Ellie had a 13-year battle with 3-4 aggressive cancers. She was a true warrior… the bravest, strongest woman I have known, yet so kindhearted. Ellie wanted to donate her body to science, hoping to make a difference in the area of cancer research.

Friends & Family

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