Ernest Rix

June 1962
October 2022


Ernies greatest love was his grandchildren. He lived each and every moment for them, they were his world. He kept all three grand children while their parents worked. He played and taught them tons of things so they were more than ready to start school when the time came. He taught them to ride bikes and to fish, and yes bait a hook. He loved to cook. Sometimes I couldn't believe he would just open the refrigerator and take things out and make a master piece. He made the best Chilli ever! Oh, and meatloaf. He loved to play euchre with his friends, listen to music, have a cold beer and some Jim beam. Ernie loved wood working, he made numerous items for friends and family to enjoy. He also worked part-time at our local wood shop helping others to use tools they may not of been comfortable using or just didn't have. There have been a couple of occasions when the girl and boy scouts went to learn to make a project with his help.

Friends & Family

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