Etta Doss

June 1939
April 2022


Mom you were always so strong, even at at the end - you wanted to fight to live, AND YOU DID! Your quiet, calm demeaner was sometimes mistaken for weakness, but you always had a voice and would speak up when you thought the time was right. You always gave so willing to the people you loved, even if that meant you would be without to make sure they were ok. I miss you dearly and I was so honored to be by your side when you took your last breath and went with the angels. I know you are somewhere in Heaven because you were such a good person at heart. My memories will sustain me until I see you on the other side. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you made for your family. Love you Mom. IRENE She was the best sister anyone can have. She was caring, kind, generous, thoughtful, a good listener, a devoted grandparent who made many sacrifices for her family. She will be forever in our thoughts and will be solely missed. With love and fond memories. SHERRY My sister was my heart. She was someone that I could talk to, laugh with and love all in one. Etta you are missed so much. It seems so unreal that you are gone from our sight but never from our heart. She has been healed from all the pain and suffering of this Old world. You're with your mother and brother now. Continue to rest in love.

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