Eugene Jurajda

June 1945
March 2024


Graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in electronics. After graduation in 1968, Eugene joined the Air Force. He trained at Lackland AFB, then spent several years in Denver then transferred to Vandenberg Air Force Base where he worked on the minute-man missile. He loved his job there. After the military, he came back to Texas and started an electrical business. Eugene has 4 children and 8 grandchildren besides his wife Elsie who love him and will miss him dearly.

Friends & Family

Elsie Jurajda, Dustin McKnight, Michelle Cover, Jennifer (Phillip) Lacy, Brian (Heather) McKnight, Sarah (Travis) Sherman, Zane Cover, Annie Cover, Gracie Cover, Jacob Lacy, Katelyn Lacy, Rylee McKnight, Jaxon McKnight

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