Evelyn Kennedy

April 1929
April 2024


Tribute to Evelyn Marie (Asher) Kennedy Evelyn Kennedy was a truly remarkable and generous woman. She entered this world on April 23, 1929, and was one of nine children born into the Asher Family. This large household was blessed with a wonderful mother whose selfless endeavors undoubtedly helped them to survive the Great Depression. Evelyn was an unusually independent and self-determined young woman. At just 16 years of age, she left home and high school in favor of training as a switchboard operator at a local phone company. This decision ultimately led to her successful and lifelong professional career with Bell Telephone, which later became AT&T. She can be counted among the women who overcame unfair restraints to shatter the glass ceiling in the workplace after the war. From earliest adulthood, and throughout her entire life Evelyn thought first of others. She always did whatever she could to give of herself in ways that made others feel cheered, cherished, and loved. All who knew her were blessed by her lavish custom of sending greeting cards galore for every occasion or even for no occasion. She kept this tradition throughout her active years. In 1954, she married William Edward Kennedy. Their many common interests included staying connected to their respective families, working hard, playing hard, traveling, and helping others. Although they never had children of their own, they made it a priority to welcome their nieces and nephews into their lives and had an open-door policy for all. Wherever the Kennedys lived, they saw to the needs of the children in their neighborhood by hiding Easter eggs and candy on their lawns, as well as offering gifts on birthdays and at Christmastime. As the years passed and Evelyn and her dear husband Edward grew older, friends and family wondered how their "honeymoon" marriage would end. They loved each other with deep admiration and affection for 67 years, until Edward’s death in 2020. After losing her beloved, Evelyn remained brave, impish, and even somewhat sassy in her final years of life until her death on April 9, 2024. Both of their families join in gratitude to God for the loyal, loving service made available to Evelyn (and by extension to all of us) by the Kennedy power of attorney, their niece Shawn Dreffein and Atria Park of Vintage Hills assisted living. We are forever grateful for the attentive and respectful care she received, especially in the last weeks and days of her life. We are so grateful to Evelyn for the countless ways she shared her life and love with all who had the privilege to know her. We are delighted she is reunited with her beloved husband Edward, and confident she has received the gifts of restored health and peace in heaven. We bid her goodbye for now, but look forward to the day when we will meet again. The Asher and Kennedy Families

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