Flordeliza Cebuma

July 1932
February 2023


Nanay - Our mother Flordeliza was called 'Baby' by her close friends and relatives, a common name in the Philippines, especially for the youngest child. She had two other siblings who passed before her. She used to be a campus queen at her university and was a licensed pharmacist. Our mother enjoyed life having been in the school limelight because of her beauty and had graced the school newspapers. That was also how she met our late father Tony, then school editor of the campus paper, and they later married, bearing six of us children. Born in a family of pharmacists, she was not, however, able to practice this long enough after her mother migrated to the US and from then she became a housewife taking care of us six kids, driving us to school, preparing our lunch boxes and sometimes giving us little treats of ice cream and soda. Sometimes she would bring us to the park after school to play in the playground until sunset. She would meet with friends occasionally at some restaurant with a jukebox machine and she would let us drop coins to play favorite songs. Downtown by Petula Clark was a childhood favorite and reminds us now of times we drove by the city with her at the wheel of her Buick. She was the one who brought us to the dentist near our home in Paco. She attended our first communions, field days, open houses, graduations, and recognition days. She would give us spare coins so we can buy our favorite candies or snacks at the nearby mom-and-pop store. Shortly after her mother left for the US to join her two other children, she followed suit. Her adjustment was less than easy, to say the least. She however preferred to live independently getting jobs on her own and earning many close friends along the way. She worked at an aerospace company as a quality inspector for many years until it closed and she decided to retire. She spent her free time gardening and playing church bingo with her older sister. She will be remembered as a fun-loving person with a rather carefree attitude in life albeit preferring to live in solitude. We will miss her as the Flordeliza or the 'Baby' we know when she was with us in our younger years, always cheerful and ready to spoil us every now and then when she can. May she find peace and heavenly bliss as she joins her dearly beloved Tony who has gone before her. -Flordeliza’s kids

Friends & Family

Daughters Violy, Marites, Marichu, Marilou, Marivic, and only son, Willy. Sister Norma & husband Sonny and nephews Hector, Chester, and Eric. Other family members, are Valentino, Ted, Cely, and her best friend, Felisa.

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