Friedrich Eichenberg

May 1939
October 2022


Friedrich “Fred” Eichenberg was born in 1939 in a small German village. He had an older sister, Minne, and a younger brother, Hartmut. His parents, Heinrich and Alma, made plans to emigrate after World War II. They came to the United States on the SS America when dad was just 13. They bravely began a new life in a blue collar neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. I wager my dad had it the hardest, trying to fit in in 7th grade in his perfectly aged lederhosen. He had an amazing life. He was a photographer, a videographer, a sailor, a skier, a traveler, a dog lover, a wonderful storyteller, a musician, a husband, an ex-husband, a dad, a friend, and an Opa. More than anything, he was loved. And he is, and will be, terribly missed.

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